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23/04/2018Sesta edizione del corso di formazione per insegnanti sulla Robotica Educativa

Si terrà mercoledì 5, giovedì 6 e venerdì 7 settembre 2018 presso il Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione dell'Università di Padova il corso di formazione per insegnanti Introduzione della Robotica Educativa nella Didattica Scolastica Istituzionale. La robotica può essere uno straordinario strumento didattico multidisciplinare, e il corso è aperto a insegnanti di tutte le materie, anche umanistiche, attivi nelle scuole di ogni ordine e grado. Per i partecipanti, restarà a disposizione tutto l'anno uno sportello online per porre domande e discutere situazione applicative reali. Le schede con le domande di partecipazione dovranno arrivare entro il 4 giugno. Chi verrà selezionato sarà avvisato personalmente.

Maggiori informazioni al link

Trovate qui la scheda da compilare come domanda di partecipazione (Scheda di Registrazione)



Sta per partire la 5° edizione del "Corso di apprendimento permanente per insegnanti sulla Robotica Educativa" ( Qui trovate la scheda di iscrizione: Le iscrizioni sono aperte fino al 4 giugno 2017.



Desert Lion, the team of IAS-LAB, took part at the MBZIRC Challenge and... IAS-Lab is bronze medal (3rd place).
Together with the team composed by Czech Technical University in Prague, University of Pennsylvania and University of Lincoln, the IAS-LAB team take part in the Grand Challenge <>.
The joined team scored third: <> and so we are bronze medal.
Congratulation to all IAS-Lab members which worked very hard for this result.



Mercoledì 19 ottobre 2016 alle ore 16, presso l'Accademia Galileiana (Sala del Guariento, Via Accademia 7), si terrà il XVI seminario annuale di tecnologie dell'informazione in cui sarà affrontato il tema  dei nuovi sviluppi assunti dalla robotica educativa in qualità di strumento di supporto all'apprendimento nella scuola del XXI secolo. Terranno il seminario i prof. Emanuele Menegatti e Michele Moro del Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione. 

Cliccando qui potrete visionare il volantino del seminario.



In Aula Magna A. Lepschy took place the workshop "Embodied-Brain System Science and Robotics Engineering for Rehabilitation", with the contribution of researchers from Tokyo and from IAS-Lab.

Here is the program of the meeting.



IAS-Lab has been selected for participation and for receiving a sponsorship to participate to the Mohamed Bin Zayed International Robotics Challenge (MBZIRC), that will take place in Abu Dhabi on February 2017. Here a list of the selected teams:



Jeff Burke and Matteo Munaro will demonstrate OpenPTrack at the GPU Technology Conference (GTC) on April 6. Their presentation, “Real-Time Person Tracking on Jetson with OpenPTrack", will provide an overview of OpenPTrack, real-world deployments, and the technology roadmap using the NVIDIA Jetson, for which OpenPTrack has recently been optimized.
GTC is the largest annual event for GPU developers; this year it will be held April 4-7 at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center, San Jose, California.

The recording of the talk is available here:



IAS-Lab attended the FOCUS Expert Workshop, as part of the Focus project. The meeting held at Brussels, Crowne Plaza Hotel-Le Palace.
Here is the program of the meeting.


02/12/15 - 03/12/15:

IAS-Lab and Litte Lab participate in Genoa to the kick-off meeting of the European project RoboESL (a part of the project Erasmus+). The aim of RoboESL is to support school to tackle early school leaving (ESL) introducing robot in the extra curriculum activities. The coordinator of the project is “Liceo Fermi” of Genoa. The other partners, in addition to the department of Information Engineering of the University of Padua, are the department of Education of the University of Latvia, School of Robotics of Genoa, the European Lab for Educational Technology (Edumotiva) and some schools of Latvia and Greece.





Matteo Munaro will give a talk entitled "OpenPTrack: Extending people tracking to RGB-D camera networks" at Microsoft on May the 11th in Redmond and at Google on May the 13th in Mountain View. 



OpenPTrack is on Twitter! You can now follow this open source project for multi-camera people tracking also here: @OpenPTrack and @UCLAREMAP.



IAS-Lab at the Interdepartmental Centre for Research in Viticulture and Enology of Conegliano, the final conference of the project Dodich. The speakers' presentations are available here.



IAS-Lab presentation of the EuRoC project and of the possibilities it offers to Master students at the Deparment of Information Engineering of the University of Padova.



At the conferenceIAS-13 (13th International Conference onIntelligentAutonomous Systems) held at theCongress CentrePadua"Papa Luciani", IAS-Labpresentsthe robotthat recognizes andfollowsthe personmovement. Here is the video published by "Il Mattino" di Padova.





Michele Palmia won the prize "FONDAZIONE LUCIANO IGLESIAS" for his master thesis "Design and implementation of a system for mutual knowledge among cognition-enabled robots", with supervisor Enrico Pagello and co-supervisor Mauro Antonello.


The Department of Computer Science at the Brown University (Providence, USA) uses the people detector developed at the IAS-Lab with its PR2 robot. Here it is a picture of a people following demo running our people detector at the World Science Festival 2014 in New York City. Image courtesy of Chad Jenkins and Lingzhu Xiang.



Today IAS-Lab meets young engineers of 1st and 3rd year of BSc in Information Engineering. We showed the current research activities of our lab and invited them to join the lab.




"Mattino di Padova" talked about IAS-Lab and its research activities and future projects.
Printed Article
Online Article


IAS-Lab will attend the 2nd of RoboBusiness Europe that will be held at LEGOLAND® Hotel & Conference Center in Billund, DENMARK. RoboBusiness Europe is a first-of-its-kind robotics event for the continent. The purpose of RoboBusiness Europe is to provide a platform for robotic developers and end-users to meet and, thus, to bridge the development within robotics with the end-users’s needs.



IAS-Lab will participate to Wired Next Fest 2014 in Milano. We will show demonstrations of our algorithms for people tracking and our robot in action.
Furthermore, on Sunday 18th May at 14:30, the current research activities of the lab will be presented during an oral talk.



Elisa Tosello held an invited talk during the 2nd ROS-I Community Forum Webinar about non real-time ROS interface for real-time COMAU controllers developed by IAS-Lab.



IAS-Lab meets young innovators of the future by exposing some demos on recent technological advances in robotics at "Sperimentando 2014". An experimental laboratory on "Learning how to program a robot" will be taught by Stefano Michieletto during the same exhibit.



"Corriere delle alpi" interviewed Team EXiM (Francesco Ferrati, Roberto Bortoletto, Emanuele Menegatti and Enrico Pagello) about their future projects.



Matteo Munaro and Stefano Michieletto have been selected for participation in the Kinect for Windows Developer Preview Program


The weekly "TuttoScienze" by "La Stampa" interviewed Elisa Tosello about her contribution to the Robotics community.


RobotWood team sponsored by IAS-Lab and guided by Stefano Michieletto won the access to the FLL national fase during the Nord-Est interregional qualification.


Elisa Tosello won Dr. Kanako Miura Travel Grant, a prize which aims to assist female PhD and MS students entering the Robotic field with travel to Humanoids 2013 in Atlanta. Read the news on the weekly "D" by "La Repubblica".



Team EXiM (Francesco Ferrati, Roberto Bortoletto, Emanuele Menegatti and Enrico Pagello) won first prize (10.000 euros prize money) in the business plan competition startCup Veneto 2013. The Business Idea regards an exoskeleton for the assistance of people living with spinal cord injury and the development of a software suite for the processing of the acquired clinical data. Read the full article published on "Il gazzettino di Padova".



Workshop of Brain Computer Interface (BCI) in collaboration with g.tec Medical Engineering at the IAS-Lab. Program available here



Matteo Munaro has been added among the scientists collaborating with the Open Perception foundation.


Matteo Munaro will give an invited talk at PCL Tutorial during the ICRA 2013 conference in Karlsruhe, Germany.
Title: "People Detection in RGB-D Data".
Date: Friday 10 May 2013, 16:25 - 16:50.
Room: Clubraum.



Matteo Munaro has been selected as a developer for a PCL code sprint sponsored by the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
The efforts will be focused on developing algorithms for human detection and tracking, out of 2D camera imagery fused with 3D point cloud data (coming from ASUS XtionPRO cameras).


News archive


Matteo Munaro and Filippo Basso released BSD licensed code for creating target-specific color classifiers with Online Adaboost (download here), as described in F. Basso, M. Munaro, S. Michieletto and E. Menegatti. Fast and robust multi-people tracking from RGB-D data for a mobile robot. In Proceedings of the 12th Intelligent Autonomous Systems (IAS) Conference, Jeju Island (Korea), 2012


First Lego League Italia: RobotWood team sponsored by IAS-Lab and guided by Stefano Michieletto gained the 8th place and won the Best Robotics Performance Prize.



Matteo Munaro contributed to the Point Cloud Library a module for people detection with RGB-D data.
Here it is the link to a tutorial explaining how to use it:



RobotWood team sponsored by IAS-Lab and guided by Stefano Michieletto won the Centro-Sud interregional qualification and will access to the national fase.



Emanuele Menegatti will give an invited talk at Workshop Robotica 2013 in Treviso.
Friday 25 January 2013
Auditorium S. Pio X 9.00 - 13.00



Gioia Ballin won the prize "inTESI 2012" for her master thesis "Human Action Recognition from RGB-D Frames" with supervisor Emanuele Menegatti and co-supervisor Matteo Munaro.

Martino Minella won the prize "inTESI 2012" for her master thesis "Tecniche di analisi di difetti in pezzi metallici e in fibra di carbonio mediante analisi di immagini termiche" with supervisor Emanuele Menegatti and co-supervisor Stefano Ghidoni.

Morris Soragni won the prize "inTESI 2012" for her master thesis "Sistema client-server per la gestione della telecamera Omidome" with supervisor Emanuele Menegatti and co-supervisor Stefano Ghidoni.


With more than 90 participating organisations in 21 European countries and over 200 robotics related activities offered for the public, the second European Robotics Week was a tremendous success!!
Please refer to the Press Room on to download pictures and other information.



Edmond So, Stefano Michieletto, and Emanuele Menegatti won the Best Paper Award at IEEE International Symposium on RObotic and Sensors Environments (ROSE 2012)

 for the paper:

E. So, S. Michieletto, and E. Menegatti. "Calibration of a Dual-Laser Triangulation System for Assembly Line Completeness Inspection"; IEEE International Symposium on RObotic and Sensors Environments (ROSE 2012); Magdeburg, Germany; 2012, pp.138-143.



 A tutti gli interessati,

volevamo avvisarvi che nei giorni di giovedì 29 e venerdì 30 novembre 2012 dalle ore 9:00 alle ore 18:00,
nell'ambito della 2a Settimana Robotica Europea (,
il laboratorio di Sistemi Autonomi Intelligenti (IAS-Lab) dell'Università di Padova si apre alla visita del pubblico,
in particolare degli studenti della scuola secondaria.
Durante la visita verranno brevemente presentate le attività di ricerca in corso nel laboratorio e si potrà assistere ad alcune dimostrazioni
con robot in azione, in particolare umanoidi. Si parlerà anche di robotica educativa con esempi realizzati mediante Lego Mindstorms NXT e Arduino.

Se desiderate partecipare con la vostra classe all'iniziativa, dovete prenotarvi
mandando un mail all'indirizzo This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." data-mce-href="mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. con le seguenti indicazioni:
- Denominazione, tipo e indirizzo della scuola;
- Classe (1a, 2a, ecc.);
- Numero di studenti partecipanti;
- Nome accompagnatore/i;
- Data e orario preferenziale (almeno 2 opzioni).


Se invece preferite venire voi con la vostra famiglia o suggerirlo ai singoli studenti per una visita personale ,
vi preghiamo di avvisarli di prenotarsi con una mail al medesimo indirizzo sopra indicato
e con queste informazioni:
- Nome e Cognome;
- Città di provenienza;
- Tipo di scuola e classe frequentata;
- Data e orario preferenziale.

Se avete bisogno di maggiori informazioni sull'evento, inviate una mail di
richiesta all'indirizzo di cui sopra.

Precisiamo che il giorno 30/11/2012 l'attività sarà concomitante con l'Open Day promosso dal
Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione dell'Università di Padova.

Vi ringraziamo per l'attenzione, cordiali saluti.
proff. Emanuele Menegatti e Michele Moro



IAS-Lab joined EuRobotics Week. You can also join our events:
29/11 - AutonomousRobotics@UNIPD>
30/11 -
or play an active role in the other
European Events.



Emanuele Menegatti co-organized the workshop BCI and robotics control at ROBOTICA 2012 in Milan.
Chair: Emanuele Menegatti (Università degli studi di Padova)
Chair: Piero Paolo Battaglini (Università degli studi di Trieste)
Friday 9 November 2012
Sala Vukobratovic 10.30 - 17.30



IAS-Lab attended VenetoNight to show the demo "Control your robot".






The programme of ROBOTICA 2012 has been published!
Robotica 2012


Gioia Ballin, graduated with the master thesis "Human Action Recognition from RGB-D Frames" (with supervisor Emanuele Menegatti and co-supervisor Matteo Munaro), has been selected for the Google Summer of Code as a developer of the Point Cloud Library



The Service Robotics - Robotics Research Campus website is now online. This is a joint project involving the IAS-Lab of the University of Padova, Telecom Italia, the Robotics Research Group of the Politecnico di Torino and the BioRob Group of the CNR-IEIIT U.O. of Genova.



We organized a scientific bilateral meeting between the RACE center of the University of Tokyo - Kashiwa Campus and the IAS-Lab. Here it is the meeting program.



Carlo Giuliani won the prize "inTESI 2011" for his master thesis "Riconoscimento di facce in un sistema di visione distribuito (Face recognition in a distributed vision system)", with supervisor Emanuele Menegatti and co-supervisor Salvatore Anzalone.


Daniele Alberton won the prize "inTESI 2011" for his master thesis "Sistema di visione industriale per il controllo qualità in 3D (Industrial vision system for 3D quality inspection)", with supervisor Emanuele Menegatti, related to the 3D Complete European Project.



Our spin-off IT+Robotics attended the Robotica 2011 and BiMec 2011 fairs in Milan.

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