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An Integrated System to approach the Programming of Humanoid Robotics

This paper describes a set of laboratory experiences focused on humanoid robots offered at the University of Padua. Instructors developed an integrated system through which students can work with robots. The aim is to improve the educational experience introducing a new learning tool, namely a humanoid robot, and the Robots Operating System (ROS) in a constructivist framework. This approach to robotics teaching lets students exploiting up-to-date robotic technologies and to deal with multidisciplinary problems, applying a scientific approach. By using humanoid robots, students are able to compare human movements to robot motion. The comparison brings out human/robot similarities, pushing students to solve complex motion problems in a more natural way while discovering robot limitations. In this paper, the learning objectives of the project, and the tools used by the students are presented. A set of evaluation results are provided in order to validate the authors’ purpose. Finally, a discussion about designed experiences and possible future improvements is reported, hoping to encourage further spread of educational robotics in schools at all levels
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in Proceedings of 4th International Workshop Teaching Robotics, Teaching with Robotics {&} 5th International Conference Robotics in Education
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