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Preliminary steps

mkdir projects
cd projects
svn co --username pcl \ .
rm -rf .svn

Copy the content of to_add.bashrc after your .bashrc, close your terminal and reopen it.

Start with the lab experience

cd ~/projects
mkdir PCL_lab1
cd PCL_lab1
svn co --username pcl \ .

Type the password.

mkdir dataset
cd dataset
svn co --username pcl \ .

If required retype the password.

rospack profile && rosstack profile
roscd PCL_lab1
cmake -G"Eclipse CDT4 - Unix Makefiles"
rosmake PCL_lab1

You can try the program following these instructions:

roscd PCL_lab1/bin

Work with Eclipse

To open Eclipse you can simply type in your terminal

eclipse &

Now, you have to import your project into Eclipse. Select File --> Import --> Existing projects into workspace, hit Next, then browse for your package's directory (select root directory). Do NOT select Copy projects into workspace. Then Finish.

You should now be able to browse through the code (hold down CTRL while clicking on a function/class name), get auto completion (automatically appears, or press CTRL-SPACE), etc.

You can find more information about use Eclipse (or other IDEs) with ROS projects at this page.

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